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Candy Matson - a review
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:56:28 PM »
“Candy Matson YUkon 2-8208” was a detective series that aired from June 30th 1949 to May 21st 1951. It aired 84 episodes, but unfortunately only 14 episodes still exist and of those, two of them are pilot episodes.

Candy Matson (ably played by Natalie Masters) was one of the few females that starred in a detective series (I’m hard-pressed to think of another) so it stood out. Despite using the gimmick of having a female lead as a detective it was still regarded as a good series.

It was so well respected that San Franciscans voted the show as “San Francisco’s Most Popular Program”. Also the San Francisco Examiner conducted a poll about shows from the area and Candy Matson was the “top-heavy favorite” in the poll. An award from the paper was given by Dwight Newton on the episode called “Symphony of Death” (season 2, episode 1).

The character of Candy lived in San Francisco in a penthouse on Telegraph Hill. Many of the settings of the series were real places in the San Francisco area including Chinatown among others.

To help her on her cases she had some help from a couple of friends. One of her best friends and frequent companion was Rembrandt Wilson (played by Jack Thomas), but that wasn’t her only help. She also get some help from her future love interest Lt. Ray Mallard (Henry Leff) who frequently was on the same case she was on, but from the police side.

I’m a sucker for good mysteries and this certainly fits the category, although some stories are stronger than others - but then that’s true of any series.

My rating 8 (out of 10)

Well, now you have my opinion what are your opinions for the series?

NOTE: The episode I’ve heard most often is “The Devil in the Deep Freeze” – a man in a devil suit is found in a restaurant’s freezer. Who is he, where did he come from, who killed him and why was he killed are several questions that are answered in the episode.

(note: there is discrepancy on the air dates of the episodes so I'll use this listing, I don't know how accurate it is.)

“The Donna Dunham Case” - aired April 4th 1949
(series was called “Candy Matson Exbrook 2-9994”)

Season 1
Episode 2 - ”Murder on a cable Car” – aired July 7th 1949
Episode 20 - “The Devil in the Deep Freeze” – aired November 10th 1949
Episode 24 - “Jack Frost” – aired December 19th 1949
Episode 25 - “The Valley of the Moon” – aired December 27th 1949
Episode 26 - “NC9-8012” - aired January 2nd 1950
Episode 27 - “Eric Spalding Concert” - aired January 7th 1950
Episode 49  - “Symphony of Death” – aired June 20th 1950

Season 2
Episode 1 – “The Movie Company” – aired September 11th 1950
Episode 5 – The Fort Ord Story” – aired October 9th, 1950
Episode 7 – “The Egyptian Armulet” – aired October 23rd 1950
Episode 15 – “San Juan Batista” – aired December 18th 1950
Episode 35 – “Candy’s Last Case” – aired May 21st, 1951

Pilot 2
“The Fortune Teller” – aired September 21st 1952
(Title change to “Candy Matson YUkon 3-8309)

(episode list from OTRR – Old Time Radio Researchers)
(links to episodes are from Relic Radio)

PS: I'm posting the review here because all the episodes of the show have gone out through this website under the "Case Closed" banner.
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Re: Candy Matson - a review
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2013, 12:30:35 AM »
Wow  that is amazing! I'll be honest and say I never heard the show but I'll listen tonight.

It's good to have you here Baker thanks for the 101.

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Re: Candy Matson - a review
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pretty good series. one interesting fact: the show's announcer, Dudley Manlove, would later later go on to play Eros the alien in "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

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Re: Candy Matson - a review
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I've one of the episodes or maybe part of an episode, and it wasn't bad.  I have a hard time listening to some of the detective shows because of the lingo they insisted on using.  It just gets old after a while.  However, I do like the idea of a female lead in a male-dominated world.
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